Environmental Sustainability through Eco-friendly Practices, Processes and Materials

Respect for Nature

Continuum is proud of our reputation as a long-standing leader in environmental sustainability and we remain dedicated to minimizing our impact on the natural environment. We employ a range of strategies to support our sustainability goals, including the use of recycled materials as raw materials and the introduction of new technologies to improve energy efficiency. Using less energy and lowering our consumption of resources will always be an important focus of what we do as a company committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing.

We work with our designers, engineers and suppliers to produce eco-friendly spas and increase recycled and eco-friendly content in our raw materials. Continuum pedicure spas are made with sustainable materials such as wood and a minimal amount of plastic to greatly reduce the environmental impact. Our wood products are manufactured using sustainably harvested wood that is grown and harvested in eco-friendly forests or taken from recycled and reclaimed products. Our steel frames are made from recycled metals. Our pedicure spas on average use 20% less hot water than other brands. We also offer no-plumb options that utilize less than two (2) gallons of water per use.

Continuum utilizes local suppliers whenever possible, which lowers carbon emission created in shipping parts and packaging materials. We use water-based glue and lacquers. Our upholstery is environmentally preferred as no plasticizers are used and it is PVC free. The solid surface material used to craft our solid surface basins contributes to its durability, extended life cycle and offers the added value of reduced waste. Scrap material is reusable. We recycle and reuse biodegradable corrugated cartons. We reuse wood pallets. Packaging materials are minimized and recycled, promoting closed loop recycling. We use eco-friendly inks and recycle inkjet and laser jet cartridges. Owner’s manuals, marketing materials and office documents are available electronically. We minimize all printed materials and recycle obsolete printed materials whenever possible.

Water conservation is strongly encouraged. Our spa water testing stations are closed loop, keeping water usage to a minimum. We have reduced water usage within full life of the product’s manufacturing process. Rain runoff is directed to grass land, not sewers. We purchase high efficiency appliances, lighting fixtures and equipment. Power usage is monitored, minimum light is used during non-production hours and energy efficient lighting is used throughout our facility. Maintained machinery utilizes minimum energy use and maximizes productivity.

Facility conference, break room and kitchen are stocked with reusable plates, mugs and silverware rather than plastic toss-a-ways. When it is necessary to use disposable items, paper-which is renewable-is used rather than plastic or Styrofoam (made of petroleum).

By adhering to good manufacturing processes and regulations and being vigilant and unrelenting in our standards, Continuum ensures that its products provide sustainable solutions. Our products and services lead to greater environmental efficiency in the salon environment.

Continuum is the only pedicure spa manufacturer that is recommended by the National Association of Eco-friendly Salons and Spas (NAEFFS).