How to Refresh your Pedicure Chair

Refresh your pedicure chair with new parts this year. Many esthetic parts are subject to wear and tear, so it's a good idea to replace them when you notice signs of wearing. To ensure that your chair lasts longer and looks it's best, don't wait, order your new parts today and give your pedicure chair the upgrade it deserves. Trust me, your clients will thank you for it! Regularly replacing worn-out parts will not only prolong the life of your chair but also improve the overall customer experience.


Changing the upholstery on a pedicure chair when it shows signs of wear and tear is an easy and effective way to refresh the appearance of the chair. Not only does it give the chair a fresh look, but it also ensures that the chair is safe and comfortable for clients to use. Using a pedicure chair that has worn or torn upholstery can lead to further damage, making the chair unsafe and unsanitary. By ordering new upholstery for your pedicure chair on our website, you can easily update the look and safety of your chair.


A torn and worn-out footrest in a salon can make customers feel uncomfortable, as they may not want to put their feet on it while getting a pedicure. This can negatively impact the overall experience and make the customer less likely to return. It is important for salon owners to regularly maintain and replace worn or damaged footrests to ensure a comfortable and hygienic experience for their customers.


A worn-out shower sprayer may have clogged water outlet holes, leading to spraying outside of the pedicure basin and leaving water on the floor. This can result in slipping and potential injury for both the client and the nail technician. It is recommended to replace the shower sprayer when it shows signs of wear and tear to prevent these hazards.


Consider investing in new stools. They will immediately make your space look friendlier and more inviting. We offer a range of models and colors that will fit your spa. Our stools are upholstered in Comfort-Flex™ PU upholstery with Tri-Bond™ adhesion technology. Designed for extended durability and comfort in commercial spa and healthcare facilities, Proprietary technology incorporates a co-polymer to bond the polyurethane layer to the base and mid layers of the material, dramatically improving durability. The result is exceptional chemical, moisture, scratch, and oil resistance.


Have a look at our parts page for more ideas of how you can refresh your pedicure chair. A good example of other parts that benefit from replacing is the wet end which can easily look worn making it appear dirty and unsanitary. This part along with many others can be found online. If you cannot find a part, please reach out to us

We can help find the right parts!

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