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Welcome to the highest standards in the pedicure spa industry. Welcome to the Continuum Family.


 John Meyerovich and Joe Galati are  names well-known in the pedicure industry. They invented the first pedicure spa in the early 1980’s, sold the business in the late 1990’s and returned to the industry in 2006, more inspired than ever, with the founding of Continuum Pedicure Spas.

Over the years, they’ve successfully designed, patented and manufactured thousands of pedicure spas. They introduced ideas and designs that are still being emulated today. Their devotion to manufacturing the highest quality pedicure spas has ensured consistent improvement and innovation.

Continuum’s message is simple. In an industry that is mired in sameness, we promise that Continuum will be totally different and always committed to superior design, quality and customer service. We know you will be exceptionally pleased with the Continuum experience.

On September 1, 2017, Earthlite, LLC announced that it has acquired Continuum Footspas, LLC. The merger creates exceptional opportunities in both companies.

Headquartered in Vista, California with operations on three continents, the award winning Earthlite manufactures the highest quality spa and massage equipment in the world under multiple well-known brands. Founded in 1987, Earthlite maintains an unwavering commitment to producing exceptional quality products with sustainable manufacturing practices and materials.

Also based in Vista, CA, Continuum Footspas designs and manufactures premium pedicure equipment for many of the world’s finest spas and salons. Continuum remains one of the most revered brands in spa and salon equipment.