What to Consider When Purchasing a Pedicure Chair

We recommend that you ask yourself, your staff, and others these valuable questions before starting the research on your next pedicure chair.


We recommend understanding what the lowest priced pedicure chair in the market is and what is the highest. Keep in mind both the reputation and location of the company you are purchasing from. Many pedicure chairs look alike and can be found at multiple suppliers. We highly recommend contacting reputable distributors or manufacturers. The differences in quality and service will astound you!


  • Ask yourself what type of clients you are servicing? How much comfort are they expecting, and do they value the difference between certain chairs and functions?
  • Ask your technicians for features they would like to have, height adjustments they would find useful and what would make them more comfortable. This will help you in the long run.
  • Auto Fill: Do you have a busy schedule in your salon and limited hands? Just turn the water on and walk away. Auto Fill will turn the water off when the bowl is filled to the recommended level.

  • Magnetic Jet Pipe-less Whirlpool System: A magnetic pipe-less jet is one version of a pipe-less jet. All modern pedicure chairs are pipe-less which do not use pipes to create the whirlpool effect in the bowl. They are much more sanitary and easier to clean than old-fashioned pedicure chairs. Continuum and LEC pedicure spas come standard with a magnetic pipe-less whirlpool system. Magnetic motors offer the benefit of using a liner for easier cleaning.
  • Extra Jet: Consider not letting your clients wait. Jets are easy to clean, but they need to be soaked in disinfectant. If you have clients scheduled, they will have to wait until it’s done. If you have an extra jet, you can let one soak while you’re using the other one. Then you just swap the dirty jet for the clean one when your client is done.
  • Colors: If you have not picked the colors for your salon yet, we recommend browsing Pinterest or the web for other spa websites to get inspired. We will find a color to match your interior design with our many different options and combinations.

  • Sizes: We recommend having your room measurements ready when you are shopping for a new pedicure spa. Some units have a much larger footprint than others. If you have any constraints your distributor or manufacturer can help with which model would best fit.


  • Customer Service: A pedicure chair from a lesser-known company typically does not have parts or an after-sales support department available. If you are buying a unit and plan to use it for many years, consider spending a bit more to have a reliable service department and parts available.

  • Local Codes: It is very important that you talk to your contractor, local building inspector or your board of cosmetology on what code(s) you will need to meet in order to open or remodel your nail salon. It is best to gather all details early and talk to your contractor about plumbing, electrical and ventilation.

  • Back Flow Preventer: All furniture with hot or cold water connections require back flow preventers. Most pedicure companies equip the chairs with it, but some counties and cities require their own regulated device.
  • Ventilation: Having ventilation setup on pedicure spas and nail tables is slowly becoming part of the code for nail salons in certain cities and counties. We recommend that you check your state government website for all details and requirements. The ventilation code will require you to connect your pedicure spas and nail tables to a blowout system or HVAC so the air cannot be recirculated.
  • Drain Pump: Some buildings may need a drain pump and some may not. Drain pumps are not part of code requirements, but you need to check with your contractor if it’s needed or not. If you don't have a floor drain where your pedicure chair stands, you will probably need a drain pump. A drain pump for pedicure spas is needed if the center of your drainpipe is higher than the center of the pedicure spas drainpipe. If so, you will need additional power to move the water out. We recommend measuring the height of your drain so you have it available when you speak to us about possible chairs.
  • We would love to help you with your search to find the right chair!

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